Pantheon of Love

German Style Schankbier, 120z, 3%, triple decoction, Saaz hops   Resident Culture Collab

Analog Life

English Dark Mild, 16oz,  3.6% Brewed with intention and focus upon the style. Rich malt character, dark fruit, light chocolate, balanced and extremely drinkable English ale.

Gran Gran

Milkshake Sour 8% 10 oz Named for my great-grandmother Mary George. She was a very special part of my youth, and I hope this beer is special to you. Blackberry cobbler mulkshake sour, with over 1000lbs of blackberry, loads of vanilla,…

Rope of Sand

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Helles-style Lager 4.7% Epiphany craft malt and Tettanang hope are in this flavorful malty lager. Step-mashed, and double decocted. Fermented cold as hell, and sounded for natural carbonation and lagered for over two months. We made this…