The Universe Says

Imperial India Pale Ale 8.5% four rounds of aggressive dry hops with Simcoe and Mosaic. This beer puts juice on a pedestal, but has enough bitterness to balance it out. Full mouthfeel without being overly sweet.

Face For Radio

American Pale Ale 5.5% This hoppy beer is exactly what we want for maximum drinkability. Clocking in around 35 ibus with a double dry hopping schedule of Citra. Slight haze, and a crisp finish, a beer in balance.

Ghosts in the Garden

Milk Stout, 7.5% Collab with 8th State brewing. Vanilla, Cocoa nibs, oak cubes soaked in dark rum, and Ethiopian Coffee.

Mondo Gecko

English Brown Ale 4.8%


London Porter 4.5% Easily the brains behind this bad guy trio. This classic style features a malt that was once the most widely used in the world, only to be nearly forgotten in the annals of brewing history. We employ it here along with…

Scorch The Earth

Black Lager 5.2% German malt, moderate roast, and a little chocolate, and Saaz hop. Very round, clean, and balanced bitterness, rested over a month.

Donna Maria

Classic Saison 6.8% Also really good

Never Sleep

IPA 7% The first IPA we ever made, and still my favorite. We tweaked the recipe, and this is our tastiest batch. Vic Secret, Citra, and Simcoe shine in this juicy IPA. When you're passionate sleep comes last if it comes at all.