David Bowie Eyes

Double IPA 8%

With this double IPA, we try to balance both the lush juiciness of the whirlpool and the dry hops with the bittering hops to try and strike a balance. We used loads of malted and flaked oats for a pillowy mouthfeel, and ample amounts of Citra, Glaxay, and Ella hops in this double dry hopped pup!


English Special Bitter, 4.6%

Toffee, leather, Carmel. Wonderfully dry and balanced beer.

Two Words

IPA 6.5%

We made this beer with our friend Dan the Beer Man from on of the best beer bars on the planet, BSP! Old school malt bill with London yeast. Featuring Moutere and Amarillo hops. Very tropical… order, drink, and repeat.

Resurrection Todd

Farmhouse Lager 5%

Sometimes Todd comes back, this Todd did. We used the same malt as our house pilsner with Kviek and Bock yeast and dry hopped the heck out of this with Sterling. Herbal, slightly spicy and dry. enjoy!


Fruited Sour 4%

All the bananas with all the strawberry and passionfruit. We made this work up because it just seemed to fit. Way too much fruit!!! Tart and tasty. Sip on a hot summer day or cool late summer night.

Hollow Moon

Imperial Stout 9%
What is the moon, really? This dark and ominous beer has 3.5 lbs of toasted coconut per barrel of beer, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, and brown sugar. Rich and creamy with notes of semi bitter dark chocolate.



This triple dry-hopped tasty nugget may just have you walking around with your eyes closed, so be careful. Everyone’s always saying how much oats are in their beer cause it’s soft — yea we got it, lots of oats here too friends. Massively hopped with Citra and Cryo-Simcoe.

Twin Dreams

IPA 7.5%

The conscious mind seeks the juiciest ipa we have ever produced, while the subconscious longs for bitterness. This beer, heavily hopped with Galaxy, Citra, Amarillo, and Moutere, satiates both wants. Pilsner malt, English pale malt, oat malt, and flaked oats. A creamy texture without any lactose.

Hipster Dynamite

Milkshake Sour 4%

This is our take on the Peach Melba dessert. South Carolina peaches, raspberry, fresh squeezed lemon juice, milk sugar, and vanilla beans.


American IPA 6.2%

If you missed those balanced and bitter IPA’s then this one is for you. Cascade and centennial hops. Soft mouthfeel, and definitely my new favorite.