Ghosts in the Garden

Milk Stout, 7.5%

Collab with 8th State brewing. Vanilla, Cocoa nibs, oak cubes soaked in dark rum, and Ethiopian Coffee.

So I’m Growing Old on Magic Mountain


Mondo Gecko

English Brown Ale 4.8%

Gran Gran

Milkshake Sour 8% 10 oz

My great-grandmother Mary George Robinson spent most of her life living on a farm. When I was small she would tell us to go pick blackberries for a cobbler. We would return with purple little hands patiently waiting for the cobbler. This beer is made to celebrate those memories. Blackberries, vanilla, graham crackers, cinnamon and milk sugar.


London Porter 4.5%

Easily the brains behind this bad guy trio. This classic style features a malt that was once the most widely used in the world, only to be nearly forgotten in the annals of brewing history. We employ it here along with brown malt, and some German specialty malts. Deep rich chocolate, and roasty.

Scorch The Earth

Black Lager 5.2%

Really good

Donna Maria

Classic Saison 6.8%

Also really good