IPA 7.3%

Brewed this beer with my big time homies from Nonic in Columbus to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. Massive amounts of Topaz and Simcoe hops and plenty of Topo Chico for the tightest of bubbles. Juicy as an overripe peach



Petite Saison 4.7%

This low gravity saison was heavily dry hoped with not hot side hop additions, low bitterness and very tropical. Chinook and French Aramis hops give a citrusy and delicate spice character.

Mandela Ella Ella Effect

American IPA 7%

Galaxy, Citra, and Ella hops with lots of oats for a soft mouthfeel. Stand under our umbrella. Oh stop your judging, you know we had to do it…..

Lizards of Suburbia

Imperial Stout 9%

We made this tasty dark thing with our besties from DSSOLVR from Asheville. We used way too much vanilla hazelnut, and cocoa nibs.


Hattie Stout

American Stout 5.2%

We brewed this one with our friend Andrew Cantrell, who won an auction for the brew day to help raise money for Hops for Hattie. We are very proud to have been a part of this, and excited about this beer. Nice, chocolatey and toasty, solid bitterness. No frills stout.


Saison 6.8%

Brewed for the wonderful grandmothers that meant so much to Ryan and I. Traditional saison, where the yeast character is the star. Perle and Saaz hops.

Soft Trollin’

Chai Milkshake IPA 6%

We made this with our besties from Asheville DSSOLVR. This soft NEIPA has heavy doses of Crystal and Experimental hop 06297, along with some of our favorite Indian Spices to create a chai like hoppy experience.

I’m like you

Dry-hopped Petite Saison 4.8%

This fluffy little saison is one of my current favs. Aren’t we all really the same? Hopefully we continue to appreciate this and love each other more. Lots of hops in this pup, lemon drop, el dorado, lotus and motueka.

Mary-Georgia A.K.A. “Gran Gran”

Blackberry Cobbler Sour 7.4%

My great-grandmother would have us kids pick blackberries and she’d make the most delicious cobbler. We would eagerly sit around the table with purple paws munching this amazing treat. This is a thank you to all the Gran Grans out there making our lives more full. Blackberry, vanilla beans, and milk sugar.


Dry-hopped Sour 6%

Mango puree, mosaic, motueka, and amarillo hops. Juicy aromatic and tasty.