Extra Special Bitter, 4.6%

Toffee, leather, Carmel. Wonderfully dry and balanced beer.

Resurrection Todd

Farmhouse Lager 5%

Sometimes Todd comes back, this Todd did. We used the same malt as our house pilsner with Kviek and Bock yeast and dry hopped the heck out of this with Sterling. Herbal, slightly spicy and dry. enjoy!

Hipster Dynamite

Milkshake Sour, 4%

This is our take on the Peach Melba dessert. South Carolina peaches, raspberry, fresh squeezed lemon juice, milk sugar, and vanilla beans.


English Mild 3.4%

Making our bad guy duo complete! This low-hopped malt forward beer has notes of chocolate, leather, and toffee. Mildy herbal.

Die Todd Die

Pilsner 5%

Refreshing, light cracker, crisp, drinkable


Berliner Weisse 4%

Easy drinking tart German wheat beer. Apricot and stone fruit. Ask about our house made syrups!