Lime juice, Cocchi Rosa, Cintreau, Sloe Gin

Hot Girl Summer

Summer starts NOW! If you love champagne and vodka then say I honeydew to this refreshing and naturally sweet cocktail. Wheatley vodka, St. Germaine, honeydew, lychee, lemon. Topped with champagne.

Alma de la Fiesta

A super light and flavorful drink for the perfect sunny day. Corozon blanco, watermelon, pink peppercorn & chile syrup, dry vermouth, lemon.

Imaginary Abuela

Summer meets spice with this tart, tingly, aromatic cocktail. Inspired by family gatherings both real and imagined. Corozon blanco, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, champagne shrub, ginger syrup, lime.

4 Times around the Sun

Made for someone truly special. A fun spin on the Enzoni cocktail. Grape-infused white rum, Amaro Nonino, rhum Agricole, lemon.

Less than Three

A pleasantly balanced Bee's Knees riff that will have you ordering more than three. Honey-aged gin, Hayman's sloe gin, Campari, honey syrup, lemon.

The Riveter

We can do it! The balance between bitter and sweet is just right. Eagle Rare 10yr, Strawberry-infused Campari, Cointreau, Strega. Upgrade to our Eagle Rare barrel pick for $1.


Gin, Aperol, autumn spice syrup, lime juice, orange juice

Naked and Famous

Mezcal, Yellow Chartreuse, Aperol, Lime


Vodka (or gin), Dry Vermouth