Milkshake Sour 8% 10 oz

My great-grandmother Mary George Robinson spent most of her life living on a farm. When I was small she would tell us to go pick blackberries for a cobbler. We would return with purple little hands patiently waiting for the cobbler. This beer is made to celebrate those memories. Blackberries, vanilla, graham crackers, cinnamon and milk sugar.

Wrigley Fields Forever

Fruited Sour 8% 10 oz

Named after Ryan’s creative daughter, with a nod to one of the best ball fields, an one of my favorite bands. This beer has strawberries, African blue basil, and milk sugar.

Hipster Dynamite

Milkshake Sour 4%

This is our take on the Peach Melba dessert. South Carolina peaches, raspberry, fresh squeezed lemon juice, milk sugar, and vanilla beans.