Famous in Croatia

Double IPA 10 oz 8.2%

Sitting in at 50ibus and still soft as a feather. Loads of oats and wheat along with some Maris Otter Weyermann Pilsner malt. Rakau and Wakatu in this double dry-hopped pupperoni….

Behind the Times

Double IPA 9%
Brewed with our buds at Sceptre brewing. Hornidal Kviek yeast, Raku and Wakatu hops, 40% wheat and oats in the malt bill.

Perpetual Obsolescence


Ever get the feeling that we’re creating things only for a few fleeing moments before they’re replaced with something new and shiny to capture our attention? Welcome to the shiny! Our new double dry-hopped double ipa has over 45% wheat and oats! Call me hazy, but we used copious amounts of Galaxy, Mosaic, and Amarillo. Mega soft and juicy for 8%, but enough bitterness for your friendly neighborhood Cicerones.