Treehorn Forest Moon - 18

Pomegranate and basil cider, 5.9% (6) 12oz cans

Treehorn Dry Cider - 18

Traditional dry cider made right here in allanuh, gawga. 5.9% (6) 12oz cans

The Universe Says - 12.99

Imperial India Pale Ale 8.5% four rounds of aggressive dry hops with Simcoe and Mosaic. This beer puts juice on a pedestal, but has enough bitterness to balance it out. Full mouthfeel without being overly sweet.

Bebop - 12.99

E.S.B. 4.6% (4) 16oz cans

Ophelia - 12.99

Berliner Weisse 4.5% (4) 16oz Cans

Face For Radio 12.99

American Pale Ale 5.5% This hoppy beer is exactly what we want for maximum drinkability. Clocking in around 35 ibus with a double dry hopping schedule of Citra. Slight haze, and a crisp finish, a beer in balance. (4) 16oz cans

Die Todd Die - 12.99

Pilsner 5% (4) 16oz Cans - Zero Todd's harmed in the production of this balanced pale lager.

Ghosts in the Garden - 12.99

Milk Stout, 7.5% Collab with 8th State brewing. Vanilla, Cocoa nibs, oak cubes soaked in dark rum, and Ethiopian Coffee. (4) 16 OZ CANS